Education Technology

Solution 12632: Ordering Accessories for Texas Instruments' Products.

How do I order an accessory?


Orders for accessories can be placed at the Education Technology Store 

Accessories can also be purchased by calling TI-Cares and using a major credit card.

*Tax-exempt purchases require prior submission of the school's tax-exempt certificate before the order can be placed. 

Mail-in Orders (expect a delay in processing) :

You may also order by mail using a check or money order written for the amount to include cost of the product, plus shipping and your local & state tax. 

For check or money order purchases, please include: 

• Name of requested product
• Complete return address
• Daytime phone number
• Completed check or money order
• Sales tax-exempt certificate (if applicable) 

Please send your order to the address below:

Texas Instruments, Inc.
Attn: Accessory Orders
P.O. Box 650311 M/S 3817
Dallas, TX 75265 

Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

*Please note that Purchase Orders are only accepted from educational institutions. For other Purchase Order requirements and information on how to submit one, contact TI-Cares.