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Solution 10659: Shipping Charges for Standard and Express Delivery.

What are the shipping charges for standard and express delivery?

The shipping charges below are based on the total price of the order.

All Canadian orders must utilize express shipping. Canadian delivery estimates are only from here to Canadian customs. Texas Instruments offers no delivery guarantees on Canadian orders.

All orders are now being shipped trackable; therefore orders can no longer be shipped to PO Boxes.

Any lost orders will be investigated by the carrier using the assigned tracking number located in the Waybill field.

Purchase Total Shipping
(5-7 business days)
Express Delivery
(2-5 business days)
$0.00-25.00 $5.00 $12.00
$25.01-75.00 $6.00 $14.00
$75.01-125.00 $8.00 $16.00
$125.01-999.99 $10.00 $17.00
$1000.00+ No Charge No Charge