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Solution 28270: Differences between the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) proof purchase and the Technology Rewards Program (TRP) Point Symbol.

What is the difference between the old proof of purchase UPC codes and the new TRP points?

In September 2007, Texas Instruments announced the transition of the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) to the Technology Rewards Program (TRP). Along with the name change, a change in the redemption process was also announced. In July 2008, the Technology Rewards Program (TRP) was implemented.

A transition period of July 2008 to December 2010 was given for educators to redeem any remaining proof of purchase barcodes they possessed and to begin collecting the new TRP point symbol. As of December 31, 2010, the Technology Rewards Program stopped accepting  proof of purchase UPC codes.

Educators must now submit the TRP point symbol as their proof of purchase,  also known as the UPC barcodes from retail purchases of TI educational and graphing handhelds, will no longer be accepted as proof of purchase. The new point symbol is separate from the bar code. The following are labeled images of the old VPP proof of purchase and the new TRP point symbol.

Below is the image of a proof of purchase from a retail purchased handheld. After December 31, 2010, this will no longer be accepted for redemption through TRP.

This image is of the new point symbol from a retail purchased handheld. Collect this symbol to participate in TRP.

More information is available on the Technology Rewards Program page.