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Solution 37042: Updating the Operating System (OS) on the TI-84 Plus Family of Graphing Calculators using TI Connect™ CE Software.

How can I update the OS on the TI-84 Plus family of graphing calculators using TI Connect CE Software?

Follow the steps below to update your calculator OS to the latest version:

1) Download the operating system for your calculator by clicking on the link below that corresponds to your calculator:
TI-84 Plus
TI-84 Plus Silver Edition
TI-84 Plus CE

2) Open the TI Connect CE Software.

3) Connect your calculator to the computer’s USB port; turn the calculator on, by pressing the [ON] button; and make sure the calculator appears in the Content Panel.

4) Before you begin an OS transfer, back up your calculator files (RAM, Archive, and Apps).

5) If you have multiple calculators connected with USB computer cables, disconnect all of them except the one(s) you intend to update. 
Please Note: Do not disconnect the cable during a transfer.

6) In the TI Connect CE software, click on “Actions” and then “Send OS.”

7) Navigate to the OS file you saved on your computer.

8) Click “Open.”