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Solution 36976: When attempting to enable Press-to-Test while the TI-84 Plus CE™ is connected to another device (computer/probe) may result in unexpected behavior

What might cause the TI-84 Plus CE™ to experience  unexpected behavior while the handheld is connected to another device such as a computer or probe?

Attempting to enable Press-to-Test while the Graphing Calculator is connected to a Computer may result in unexpected behavior.


  • Connect the TI-84 Plus CE to a computer
  • Enable Press-to-Test mode (either world wide/French P2T or Singapore Press to Reset) setup screen (by turning the calculator OFF and then pressing the appropriate key presses)
  • At this point observe the behavior

For Singapore Press-to-Reset the Graphing Calculator bypasses the Setup screen when TI Connect CE detects the device.
For the Press-to-Test setup the TI-84 Plus CE is NOT detected by TI Connect CE until the setup screen is exited.