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Solution 36295: Calculating A Normal Cumulative Distribution (normalcdf) With The TI-84 Plus Family Handhelds

How do I calculate a Normal Cumulative Distribution (normal cdf) using a TI-84 Plus Family handheld?

Use the following example as a guide when calculating for the normal CDF with a TI-84 Plus Family Handheld:

Lower Bound: 5
Upper Bound: 15
Mean: 10
Standard Distribution: 2.5

  • Press [2nd] [VARS]
  • Press [Down] [Enter]
  • For each of the fields, enter [5] [15] [10] [2.5]
  • Note: If you cannot see the wizard pictured above, instead type in [5] [,] [15] [,] [10] [,] [2.5] [)]
  • Press enter and it will display the answer
Please see the TI-84 Plus guidebook for additional information.