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Solution 34672: Graphing the Fibonacci Sequence Using the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Graphing Calculator.

How can I graph the Fibonacci sequence using the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition graphing calculator?

In a Fibonacci sequence the first two terms are 1 and 1. Each succeeding term is the sum of the two immediately preceding terms. Follow the procedure below to graph the Fibonacci sequence:

• Press [MODE].
• Arrow down to Func.
• Arrow over to SEQ and press [ENTER].

• Press [2ND] [QUIT] to return to the home screen.
• Press [Y=].
• For nMin=, input [1].
• For u(n)=, input [2ND] [u] [(] [X,T,
q,n] [-] [1] [)] [+] [2ND] [u] [(] [X,T,q,n] [-] [2] [)].
• For u(nMin)=, input [2ND] [{] [1] [,] [1] [}].

• Press [GRAPH].
• To adjust the window, press [ZOOM] and press 6: ZStandard.

• Press [2ND] [TBLSET] to setup the table options.
• Input 1 for TblStart= and 1 for Tbl=.
• Press [2ND] [QUIT].
• Press [2ND] [TABLE] to see the table of n and u(n).

Please see the TI-83 Plus family and TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition guidebook for additional information.