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Solution 29230: Squaring Negative Numbers on Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators and Software.

How do I square a negative number on my graphing calculator and software?

These calculators use an Equation Operating System (EOS™), which evaluates from left to right, allowing the user to enter numbers and functions in a straightforward sequence. Parentheses are necessary to define the order of operations within an expression. For example, the calculator reads the expression -32 as (-1) x 32, and evaluates accordingly. The parentheses will assign the negative symbol to the value to be squared.


Please follow these steps for squaring negative numbers using the example of -32:

• Press [(] to open parenthesis.
• Press the [(-)] [3] [)].
• Press [x2] or [^] [2].
• Press [ENTER].

Please see the graphing calculator guidebooks for additional information.