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Solution 28370: Redeeming Technology Rewards Points For Professional Development Courses

What options are available for redeeming TI Technology Rewards Program(TRP) points for Professional Development, and what is the process to redeem them?

Educators can redeem TI TRP points for Professional Development Conferences and Courses, such as the a Teacher Leader Cadre 9-Day Course or a T^3 International Conference. Each different conference or course requires the redemption of a certain amount of TI TRP points. To view the point totals needed for redemption, click here.

Process For Redeeming TI TRP Points For Professional Development Courses

1. Submit the required number of points to the TI TRP, indicating the type of course selected (T^3 3-Day Hands-on-Summer TI-Nspire Institute, T^3 International, etc).
2. Include an email address (preferred) or other contact information with the request and points.
3. Register for the selected course on when notification of eligibility and a promotion code is received from TI TRP.
4. Enter the promotional code in the registration form (the registration entity will have verification of eligibility). An example of the registration form can be found below:

For more information please visit the TRP website.