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Solution 21730: Unexpected Packet Error Received When Using TI-Notefolio™ Creator.

What does "Unexpected Packet Error" mean when I am trying to transfer a file using TI-NoteFolio Creator Software?

The error "Unexpected Packet Error" appears when the document being transferred is using special characters that are not displayable by the calculator that is receiving that document. For instance when sending a document to the TI-89 using superscript 4 or 5, the calculator simply does not have the ability to display those characters. This commonly happens when copying information from a word document into the TI-NoteFolio creator, then trying to transfer it to the calculator. To see what special characters a calculator can display, follow the directions below:

1) Open the software and press "ctrl + m" to open the character map.
2) Once the character map is open, select what calculator the user is using.

This will show what special characters are able to be displayed.

Please see the TI-NoteFolio guidebook for additional information.