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Solution 13924: TI TestGuard 2.0™Quick Start Instructions.

How do I quickly setup the TI TestGuard 2.0 app to get my student calculators ready for exams?

To quickly setup the TI TestGuard 2.0 app to get the student calculators ready for exams, follow the steps below. The TI TestGuard 2.0 app is designed to only be transferred to an educator's calculator.

• Press the [APPS] key and select the "TestGrd2" app.
• Select 1: Setup Calcs.
• Either choose DELETE, then choose ALL, or consider using DISABLE, then BOTH.

Note: These two options are basically the same for the purposes of student equity within an exam. The advantage of Disable is that students with TI-84 Plus calculators and OS 2.40 (or above) can have functionality disabled rather than deleted. The functionality can be re-enabled once the exam is over.

• Set the initial angle to the desired preference. DEGREE is the factory default.
• Select the initial setting for Stat Diagnostics, which offers the ability to view the r and r^2 values in statistics. The factory default for this setting is ON.
• Select NONE for APPS TO KEEP.
• Press the [ZOOM] key to select the "OK" option.
• Connect the educator calculator to the first student calculator using an I/O (unit-to-unit) cable. Make sure the student calculator is on the Home screen.

Note: For TI-84 Plus family users, the TI TestGuard 2.0 app will not recognize the mini-A to mini-B USB (unit to unit) cable.

• Press 2:Start Transfer.
• When the confirmation code appears on the student calculator, disconnect this calculator and connect to the next student calculator. Press [2] to select "Again" which will setup the next calculator.
• Repeat for all students taking the exam.

Note: Language localized calculators (set to Spanish, German, etc) are automatically reset to English by the TI TestGuard 2.0 app. Students with localized calculators will have to restart the language localization app even if the app was excluded from the disable list. Other apps that need to be restarted include the Catalog Help (CtlgHelp), Inequality Graphing (Inequal), and Transformation Graphing (Transfrm) apps.

Please see the attached TI TestGuard 2.0 app guidebook for additional information.