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Solution 12981: Connecting the TI ViewScreen™ Panel to a Calculator.

What is the best way to connect the TI ViewScreen panel to a calculator?

To Connect the ViewScreen:

1. Place the ViewScreen on the overhead projector, curved away from the projection screen.
2. Holding the cable against the vertical arm of the overhead projector, wrap the tether around both the cord and arm tightly.
3. Connect the AC adapter (if used) to the port in the right side of the ViewScreen, and then plug it in.
4. Turn Off the Calculator.
5. Firmly push the connector on the cable straight into the port at the top of the calculator until it snaps into place.
6. Turn on the calculator.
7. Turn on the overhead projector.

To disconnect the ViewScreen:

1. Turn off the calculator.
2. Press and hold the buttons on each side of the connector while pulling straight out. If the connector does not slip out easily, you may need to push in the connector while pressing the buttons, and then pull out.
3. Disconnect the AC adapter.
4. Remove the tether from the overhead projector arm.