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Solution 12033: Maximum Number of Characters on One Line When Using the Input or Disp Programming Commands on the TI-83 Family, TI-84 Plus Family, or TI-Nspire™ Handheld in TI-84 Plus Mode Calculators.

How many characters can I display with the Input or Disp programming commands on the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition?

The screen of the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus family calculators can display a total of 16 characters on one line, including blank spaces, when displaying text with the Input or Disp commands. To display text on more than one line, use the Disp command repeatedly with each display having a maximum of 16 characters.

Please see the Programming Chapter of the TI-83 family and TI-84 Plus family guidebooks for additional information.

NOTE: TI-Nspire users may refer to the TI-84 Plus family guidebook.