Education Technology

Solution 12025: Deleting a StudyCards™ Stack File on the TI-83 Plus Family, TI-84 Plus Family, or TI-Nspire™ in TI-84 Plus Mode.

How can I delete a StudyCards stack file on the TI-83 Plus family, TI-84 Plus family, or TI-Nspire in TI-84 Plus mode?

StudyCards stack files are stored on the calculator as application variables.

Follow the steps below to delete an application variable:

1) Press [2ND] [MEM] [2].
2) Scroll down to AppVars... 
3) Press [ENTER].
4) Scroll down to the stack that needs to be deleted and press the [DEL] key.
5) Confirm the deletion by selecting [Yes].

Please see the StudyCards guidebook for additional information.