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Solution 12006: Using the Numeric Solver on a TI-83 Family, TI-84 Plus Family or TI-Nspire™ Handheld In TI-84 Plus Mode.

How do I solve equations using a TI-83 family, TI-84 Plus family or TI-Nspire handheld in TI-84 Plus mode?

The numeric "Solver" is used to solve equations in the form 0=; therefore, any equation that is entered would need to equal zero. The example below will demonstrate how to use the numeric Solver feature.


Solve 4x-8=0

To Solve:

1) Press [MATH] [ALPHA][B] If no equation is stored, the screen will display eqn: 0=.

2) Input 4X-8.

3) Press [ENTER] The cursor will be blinking next to X=

4) Press [ALPHA] [ENTER] to solve the equation for X.

The screen will display X=2.

Please see the TI-83 family and TI-84 Plus family guidebooks for additional information.

Please Note: TI-Nspire handheld in TI-84 Plus mode users may refer to the TI-84 Plus family guidebook.