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Solution 11927: Calculating One-Variable Statistics on the TI-83 Family or TI-84 Plus Family Graphing Calculators.

How do I calculate one-variable statistics on a TI-83 family or TI-84 family graphing calculator?

The example below will demonstrate how to calculate one-variable statistics on the TI-83 family and TI-84 Plus family calculator.

Data for this example:


1) Press the [STAT] key and select 1:Edit.
2) Enter in the data one at a time into L1.
3) Press the [STAT] key, scroll to highlight CALC.
4) Select 1: 1-Var Stats and press [ENTER]. The display will read: 1-Var Stats.
5) Press [2nd] followed by the [1] key to recall list 1. The display will read: 1-Var Stats L1.
6) Press [ENTER] to display the calculated data.
7) Scroll down to see all values.

For more information regarding your Texas Instruments graphing calculator, please refer to the guidebooks section.