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Solution 11892: Running a Program from the Archive Memory on a Graphing Calculator with FLASH Technology.

Can I run a program that is in the archive memory on a graphing calculator with FLASH technology?

Programs, functions, variables, etc. stored in the archive memory cannot be executed. They must first be unarchived and placed in the RAM.


Flash calculators have two types of memory, the user RAM and the Flash ROM. The RAM is where programs, variables, functions, etc are stored. Applications are stored in Flash ROM.

With the exception of the TI-73 and TI-73 Explorer™, on all the other calculators with Flash Technology, it is possible to move a program, variable, or function from the user RAM to a section of the Flash ROM called the archive memory.

Archived variables cannot be edited or executed. They can only be seen and unarchived.

Please see the graphing calculator guidebook for additional information on learning how to unarchive/archive programs.