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Solution 11774: Inserting TI-83 Family and TI-84 Plus Family Calculators Key Symbol Into a Microsoft® Word Document.

How can I insert a TI-83 calculator key symbol into a Microsoft® Word document?

Follow the procedure below in order to download the fonts file and insert symbols in a Microsoft® Word document:

• Click on either the TI-83 Plus Key fonts for Windows or for Macintosh(r) links on the fonts website. A Save As window will appear.
• Select the location where to save the file and click Save. The file will download and be saved as 83keys.exe.
• Go to the location where the file is located.
• Double-click 83keys.exe. This will launch WinZip self Extractor
• In the "Unzip to Folder" field, click Browse and then select C:\WINDOWS\Fonts
• Click Unzip. The file 83keys will unzip and the individual files extracted to the Fonts folder.
• Restart the computer.
• Open Microsoft® Word.
• Place the cursor where the symbol should be inserted.
• Click Insert>> Symbol.
• In the Symbol window, under the Font field, click the arrow and select TI83Key.
• Select the key to insert and click Insert.

Note: Another option is to use the system Character Map to insert the symbol. To use this option:

• Click Start>> All Programs>> Accessories>> System Tools>> Character Map.
• Click the arrow in the Font field and select TI83key.
• Select the symbol you wish to insert
• Click Copy.
• Return to Microsoft® Word to the location where the symbol will be interred.
• Click Edit>> Paste.