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Solution 11521: Installing New TI Key Fonts on a Windows® Computer.

How can I install new TI Key Fonts on my computer running Windows®?

Follow the steps below to install new TI Key Fonts on a computer running Windows®:

• Download the TI Key Fonts and save the file to the computer's Desktop.
• If the file is an [EXE] [Double Click] the downloaded file and when prompted click "Browse" select Desktop and click "OK" then "Unzip".
• Next press and hold the [Windows] key and press [R] to open the run dialog. Alternatively you can click [Start] and then [Run].
• In the run dialog copy and paste the text listed below:


• After copying and pasting the above text click [Ok] to launch the fonts folder.
• Drag and drop the font you downloaded/extracted into the font folder that appears.

Please Note:

• Saving the downloaded font file to the "Desktop" folder affords ease of access.
• When prompted to 'UnZip' font files selecting the "Desktop" folder may be a quick storage location. The files may be deleted after installation.
• To select more than one font to add, hold down the CTRL key, and then click each of the fonts to be added.
• To add fonts from a network drive without using disk space on the computer, make sure that the Copy fonts to Fonts folder check box, in the Add Fonts dialog box, is clear.
• A .TXT file may be included with the Key Fonts which provides basic instruction on using your new Key Fonts.