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Solution 11516: Updating a Graphing Calculator's Operating System using the TI Connect™ Software for Macintosh®.

How do I update the operating system (OS) of a Texas Instruments' (TI) graphing calculator using the TI Connect software for Macintosh®?

To update a calculator's operating system using TI Connect, follow the steps below:

Please Note: Make sure there are fresh batteries in the calculator prior to updating. The following directions require the latest version of TI Connect.

• Connect a TI Connectivity cable to the computer and the TI Calculator.
Please Note: Not all calculators are supported by TI-Connect.
• Turn on the TI calculator and make sure it is on the home screen.
• Download the latest version of the OS for your TI Calculator by clicking the links below:
Please Note: For the latest OS files for the TI-83 Plus family, TI-89, and TI-92 Plus, contact TI-Cares.
TI-73 Explorer
TI-84 Plus family
TI-89 Titanium
Voyage 200

• Launch [Finder] then click [Applications] [TI-Connect] then [TI Device Explorer].
• Drag and Drop the OS file you downloaded on top of your calculators name to transfer the OS. 
Please Note: On the TI-89 Family TI-92 Plus and Voyage 200, installing the latest version of OS will erase all data on the calculator.
• An alert will appear explaining that data will be erased during the OS update, click [Proceed] to continue installing the OS.

If you have questions about the information listed above, please contact TI-Cares for additional assistance.