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Solution 10572: Texas Instruments Resources for Test Preparation.

What resources does TI offer for Test Preparation?

To help teachers and students prepare for  high-stake exams such as the SAT® and ACT® exams, TI provides resources to prepare students — and their TI graphing calculators — for success on their high-stakes exams :

More information can be found at the Test Preparation web page.

In addition to being allowed on many high-stakes exams the TI graphing calculators are a vital tool for high school mathematics and science. A student with his or her own graphing calculator for use at home or at school may become more proficient with the technology and enjoy the benefits it can provide throughout high school. 

Many high-stakes exams require or recommend a graphing calculator. Use the chart from our comparison chart at  to see which TI technology is accepted on your exam and help you determine which TI graphing calculator is right for you.