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Solution 12706: Chemicals in the LCD Screen and Casing of a Texas Instruments Calculator.

What chemicals make the liquid in the LCD screen and housing of a Texas Instruments calculator?

The class of liquids that are used in the LCD screen fall into a class of chemicals known as Non-Chlorinated BI-Phenols.

The specification for heavy metals in external parts (case and keys) is; Lead less than 1000 parts per million and Cadmium less than 100 parts per million. For cables, Lead is less than 300 parts per million. These threshold limits were set based on European Directives, California regulations and accepted industry practices for consumer electronics. Testing of the case components by an independent lab has shown actual amounts of Lead and Cadmium to be below detectable limits (~5ppm).

All Education Technology products manufactured on or after April 1, 2006 meet the established specifications for heavy metals.