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Solution 11410: Benefits of Calculator Software Applications (Apps) Over User-created Programs.

What are the benefits of calculator software applications (Apps) over user-created programs?

Calculator Software Applications (Apps) have a number of benefits over user-defined programs.

  • Apps are stored in Flash ROM, rather than user RAM, so they keep user RAM available to store data.
  • Apps cannot be accidentally removed from Flash ROM by resetting the RAM or by completely draining the batteries (dead batteries).
  • Apps can be much more powerful and faster than a user-defined program.
  • Apps have been developed in consultation with educators from around the nation, so materials encompass what is needed to communicate a topic's key concepts, along with how to use TI educational technology.
  • Apps take TI's educational technology beyond simply math and science, to provide curricular materials in a wide variety of topic areas.
  • Apps have been developed to help classroom educators meet and exceed nationally recognized standards.

For a list of available Apps for TI educational technology, please visit the Latest Software web page.