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Solution 10389: Differences in Features Between the TI-82 and TI-83.

What are the differences between the TI-82 and TI-83?

The TI-82 includes the functionality of the TI-83 with the following improvements.

• Multiple graph styles to differentiate the look of each graph
• Graph-Table split screen (in addition to the horizontal split screen)
• An interactive Equation Solver
• Ability to give names to lists, attach formulas to lists, and enter 999 elements (compared to 99 on the TI-82)
• Logistic Regression and Sine Regression
• More random number generator functions
• An alphabetical CATALOG menu of all graphing calculator instructions
• Ability to evaluate complex numbers

Advanced statistics capabilities including:

• Hypothesis tests
• Confidence intervals
• Probability distribution functions

Financial functions including:

• Time-Value-of-Money features
• Cash flows
• Amortization

Keyboard and Menu Changes:

• The Y-Vars menu is now a sub-menu of the [VARS] key rather than a 2nd function of the [VARS] key.
• The graph Format menu is now a 2nd function of the [ZOOM] key rather than a sub-menu of the [ZOOM] key.
• abs( function moved to the [MATH] [NUM] menu from above the [x^-1] key.
• Implied multiply precedence is different. The TI-82 will evaluate 1/2X as 1/(2X) and the TI-83 evaluates it as (1/2)*X.
• Prefix functions like sin(, cos(, etc. come with an open parenthesis to help clarify which values the functions apply to. For example, sin(2X) rather than sin 2 X.
• Sequence graphing mode on the TI-83 is different than on the TI-82. It is based on the the TI-92. Details are in the TI-83 Guidebook in Chapter 6: Sequence Graphing.

The TI-83 Plus Silver Edition, which is the upgrade of the TI-83, also includes Flash technology for Calculator Software Applications (Apps).

Please see the TI-82 and TI-83 guidebooks for additional information.