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Solution 39460: Texas Instruments Software Displays Small/Tiny Fonts, Windows or Keys on Windows 10.

Why are the are the fonts, windows or keys tiny/small on my Windows 10 computer?

Fonts, windows or keys may appear tiny or small on Windows 10 depending on the screen resolution and DPI settings of your Windows 10 computer.

Please try the troubleshooting steps below to try and fix the issue:

• If you have recently updated try closing the software and restarting your computer.

If the above step does not work try adjusting the scaling settings for the software by following steps below:

• Close the Software
• [Right-Click] the shortcut for the software and choose [Properties]
• Click the [Compatibility] tab then [Change high DPI settings]
• Click [Override high DPI scaling] then in the drop down box select [System (Enhanced)] then click [OK]
• Click [Apply] then [OK] in the properties window then try to launch the software.

If the suggestions do not alleviate the problem, please contact TI-Cares for additional assistance.