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Solution 38675: TI-Smartview CE Save Emulator State is Greyed-Out.

Why is TI-Smartview CE "Save Emulator State" Greyed-Out?

TI-Smartview CE "Save Emulator State will be Greyed-Out when using the emulator modes "TI-84 Plus" or "TI-84 Plus C".

The TI-Smartview CE "Save Emulator State" option is only available when using the emulator mode "TI-84 Plus CE", to switch to this mode please follow the steps below:

• Click [View] [Emulator Model] [TI-84 Plus CE]

Once you have switched to the above mode you can save the Emulator State by following the steps below:

• Click [Actions] [Save Emulator State]

Please see the TI-Smartview CE Online Help Guide for additional information