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Solution 36555: TI-Nspire™ Family Software Screen Captures/Class Captures will not copy and paste to some Windows® and Mac® programs.

Why does the TI-Nspire Family Software screen capture/class captures not copy and paste to some Windows® and Mac® programs?

On Windows® and Mac® operating systems, screen captures/class captures will not copy and paste (or drag and drop) to some 3rd party programs. This issue occurs in programs which will not accept an HTML representation of the data from the clipboard. Examples of such programs are Keynote®, Pages®, PowerPoint® 2011 (Mac®), and some paint programs.

To work around this issue, ensure that the image is highlighted, then press [Ctrl]+[S] on Windows® based machines, or [Command]+[S] on Mac® based machines. Once saved, you can import the saved image file into your 3rd party program.

Mac® only: Alternately, you can use the Grab tool located in [Applications]>>[Utilities], or [Shift]+[Cmd]+[4] to screen capture specific areas of the screen.

Windows® only: Alternatively, you can use the Snipping Tool located in [Start]>>[All Programs]>>[Accessories] which is available in some Windows® OS’s.

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