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Solution 35954: Installing Applications That Were Not Downloaded From The Macintosh® App Store

How do I open Texas Instruments software that was not purchased from the Mac App Store?

Newer versions of the Mac OS X, by default, allow only apps from the Mac App Store to be installed. Attempting to install a third party application will give you the following message:

To allow installation, it will be necessary to change a security setting on your computer using the steps listed below:

• Open your System Preferences folder, select “Security and Privacy,” then click on the General tab.


• Click on the padlock icon in the lower left hand corner, then select the option for “Allow applications downloaded from: Anywhere.”
• You will receive a notification that this selection makes your Mac less secure. Click on the “Allow from anywhere” button.

• Click on the padlock icon to lock further changes. From here, you can proceed with installation as normal. Once your software is installed, you can follow the directions above to return your installation security settings to Mac App Store if you wish.