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Solution 31691: Resolving Issues with Texas Instruments Family Software Installer Launching then Disappearing.

How do I resolve issues with Texas Instruments Family software installer launching then disappearing?

Texas Instruments family software installers, when launched, display a window showing the extraction of the files necessary for installation.

After this initial window the installation dialog will appear.

Unfortunately there is a delay between the extraction window and the installation dialog where nothing is displayed on the screen.

Please try the troubleshooting steps below to resolve issues if the installation dialog does not appear:

• Verify you have waited at least 5 minutes for the installation dialog window to appear.

• Download the latest version of the software directly from the website and attempt to run the installation again.

• Last reboot your computer and attempt running the installer again.

If the steps above do not allow you to install the software please contact TI-Cares for additional assistance.