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Solution 29992: Content Pane not Showing the Content of the selected Handheld in TI-Nspire™ Software.

Why is the content pane not showing the content of the selected handheld in Resource Pane after I installed the OS on the handheld?


The Content Pane is not showing the content of the selected HH in Resource Pane after an OS install.

OSes Affected: Win 7 Ultimate SP1 64 bit

Problem Description:


• Launch the TI-Nspire Software activated with Chinese license .
• Using the transfer tool, transfer an OS to connected CM-C Handhelds.
• When the HHs enumerate after the OS install, select a connected handheld under the Connected Handhelds section in Resource pane.


• The contents (Files/ Folders and size of files) of the selected handheld is not shown in the Content Pane. The Preview Pane displays the first folder/file of the selected HH as expected but the Content pane is not displaying the contents of the handheld selected in the Resource pane.


Disconnect the handhelds, exit the app and relaunch the application. Users should only experience this the first time the handheld is updated.