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Solution 15344: Correcting the Error "Error 91- Object or Width Block Variable Not Set" When Running TI NoteFolio™ Creator Software.

How can I correct the error message "Error 91- Object or width block variable?

The error "Error 91- Object variable or With Block variable not set" indicates that Microsoft.NET framework is not properly installed on the computer. This package provides the executables and support libraries needed to run programs created in C#, otherwise known as .NET.

Microsoft.NET is the latest technology from Microsoft® that software is being written in for faster applications and improved functionality. Without .NET, it is not possible to support many of the new features available in TI NoteFolio™ Creator Software.

In the event that this software needs to be reinstalled on the computer, there are 2 ways to obtain this software:

1) Go to the Windows® update website and download the software from the list of available updates.
2) Directly download the Microsoft® .Net Framework 1.1 Redistributable Package from Microsoft®. This package is larger than the one from Windows® update because it contains the .Net support files for every version of Windows supported.

Please Note: Use the Microsoft® .Net Framework 1.1 Redistributable Package only if the first option does not work.

If issues occur when downloading or installing the .Net Framework, contact Microsoft® for assistance.