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Solution 14281: Troubleshooting "Invalid Stack title" Error Message Using TI StudyCards™ Creator Software.

How do I fix the error "Invalid Stack title" in TI StudyCards™ Creator software when a valid title is used?

If the error "Invalid Stack Title" appears, even when a valid stack title such as 'test' is used, then it's possible that some of the TalkTIlibraries have become unregistered. The TalkTI libraries govern the translation of data from Windows to TI Calculator models.

To fix this problem:

• Open a window for C:\Program Files\Common Files\TI Shared\TalkTI.
• Open a window for C:\Windows\System32.
• Drag all *.dll files from TalkTI and drop them on regsvr32.exe in the System32 window. This should produce several confirmation windows displaying that the files are registered. Continue to click OK.

This should fix the issue and stop the errors.

If the issue persists, please fill out our TI Cares Customer Assistance Form for further assistance.