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Solution 11511: TI Connect™ Software for Macintosh® OS X Crashes During Installation or Gives the Error "You Do Not Have Privileges to Perform this Install".

Why does the TI Connect software for Mac® OS X crash during installation or give the error "You do not have privileges to perform this install"?

If the TI Connect software for Mac® OS X crashes during installation or gives the error "You do not have privileges to perform this install" when being installed from an administrator account, it is likely because the disk permissions are not correct.

The following steps can be executed to correct this issue:

• Open the Hard Drive >> Applications Folder >> Utilities folder.
• Double-click on "Disk Utility".
• When it comes up, select the volume that contains the system folder (normally, "Macintosh HD").
• Click the tab labeled "First Aid" in the disk utility window.
• When the panel is shown that contains a window and several buttons, click the button labeled "Repair Disk Permissions".

Let this process run to completion without interruption. It may take several minutes. When it completes, quit the Disk Utility, and then re-run the TI Connect for Mac® OS X Installer.

If it still will not install, then the current install of TI Connect must be completely removed from the system. To do this each of the following steps must be performed:

• Drag TI Connect Manager X from /Library/Services to trash.
• Drag TI Connect folder from /Applications to trash.
• Drag TIConnectManagerXInteraction.framework from /Library/Frameworks to trash.
• Drag TIPluginLocator.framework from /Library/Frameworks to trash.
• Drag folder "TI Connect X" from /Library/Application Support to trash.
• Drag TI Connect X Menu Plugin from /Library/Contextual Menu Items to trash.
• Drag TI Connect X.pkg from /Library/Receipts to trash (also, remove TI Software Update updater.pkg as well, if present)
• From the home ~/Library folder, in Preferences folder, locate any files that start with the name "com.ti.eps.TIConnectX" and drag them to the trash.
• Log out, log back in, empty the trash, and then re-install the TI Connect software for Mac® OS X.