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Solution 11162: Troubleshooting the Error Message "Error Reading Data From Link" on the TI-GRAPH LINK™ Software for Macintosh®.

What does Error reading data from link mean and how is it corrected?

This message appears when the TI-GRAPH LINK™ software is waiting for a message (a portion of the communications protocol) from the graphing calculator, and receives "bad" data; either a command or data that was not expected at that point in the communications exchange. Check all link connections to make sure they are not loose. Shut down the TI-GRAPH LINK software, re-launch, and retry the operation.

Alternately, consider installing the TI Connect™ for MacOS software for Mac® OS 8/9 or TI Connect for Mac® OS X. TI Connect for Mac® OS 8/9 brings several internal enhancements, including support for the TI Voyage 200 and Mac® OS 9. TI Connect for Mac® OS X has the ability to auto-detect the calculator and the cable, both on the computer and on the local network.