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Solution 11157: Correcting the "Link Transmission Error" When Using the TI-GRAPH LINK™ Software for Windows®.

How do I correct the Link Transmission Error message when transferring data to my calculator using the TI-GRAPH LINK software?

A Link Transmission Error can occur for a number of reasons. To test the connectivity between calculator and computer, perform a screen capture using the "Get Screen" command (which can be accessed from the "Link" menu). If several attempts at screen capture still produce a Link Transmission Error, check the following:

1) Connectivity cable not plugged in firmly (at either end).
2) The selected cable type (Black/Gray cable) is different from the actual cable in use.
3) The Com port selected is not the Com port to which the graphing calculator is connected.
4) A Send or Receive operation was stopped before the operation was completed.
5) The TI-GRAPH LINK software may be waiting for a response from the graphing calculator.
6) The graphing calculator may have been placed in Link/Receive mode. Try initiating the transfer with the calculator on the home screen.
7) A Texas Instruments Flash-based graphing calculator is not being used for Flash software transfers.
8) There may have been an interruption while upgrading the Operating System (OS) on the graphing calculator. Try sending the OS again by choosing the menu items: Link >> Send Flash Software >> Operating System.

Alternately, consider installing the TI Connect™ for Windows software. The TI Connect software can auto-detect the calculator and cable, and is fully supported on Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows® Vista and Windows® 7.