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Solution 35494: Steps to Renew a School-Managed Perpetual License or Multi-Activation Perpetual License.

What steps do I need to follow to renew a School-Managed Perpetual License or Multi-Activation Perpetual License?

Please be advised this license type will be discontinued on November 7, 2023, and your current software will no longer be updated. Converting to a new, account-based license before that date is recommended. In most cases you can receive an equivalent subscription length free of charge by contacting TI-Cares.

For now, you may still activate and use your current software for the full license term, but you will not be able to reactivate or download this software again after November 7. If a new activation or download is needed after that date, you must contact TI-Cares to acquire a new account-based subscription.

Please follow the steps below to renew a School-Managed Perpetual License or Multi-Activation Perpetual License:

• Launch the Education Technology Service Center website.
• Enter your email address and password in the appropriate fields then click [Submit] to log into your account.

• Once logged into your account click [Product List] on the left side navigation pane.

• If you have multiple Texas Instrument Software Products you will first have to select the product family from the list below.

• Next from the software product list click [Manage License Numbers] next to the license you wish to renew.

• If your license has been split into different license numbers you will see the screen below, click [Manage License Numbers] again next to the license you wish to renew.

• Once you reach the manage license numbers page click the option [Extend License].
Please Note: This option is only available if your license is about to expire in 30 days. If you are having issues with the expiration date you originally set please contact TI-Cares for additional assistance.

• A default date will be set by the Education Technology Software Service Center, if you wish to accept the default date click [Accept].

• If you wish to choose a different expiration date click the option [Change Expiration].

• This option will take you to the Set Expiration page, use the drop down menus to modify the expiration date then click [Extend] to the save date.

• After you have renewed the School-Managed License it is necessary to re-activate it within the TI-Admin software by clicking [Start] [All Programs] [TI Tools] [TI Admin] [Activate TI Software].

If you have questions about the information listed above please contact TI-Cares for additional assistance.