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Solution 34451: Update TI-Connect OS Downloader Operating Systems.

How do I update TI-Connect OS Downloader operating systems?

TI-Connect OS Downloader contains some older operating systems for certain calculators by default. If you use the OS Downloader without updating it you can run into the issues listed below:

Installing the version of OS that is included with OS Downloader upon install into a TI-84 Plus Family Calculator manufactured after 2011 can cause the calculator to lose its operating system.

Installing the version of OS that is included with OS Downloader upon install into a TI-89 Titanium calculator will cause the calculator to be unable to connect to the computer until the handheld is put into "Waiting to receive..." mode by following the fourth reset in Knowledgebase Article #11900.

To update the operating systems included with TI-Connect OS Downloader follow the steps listed below:

• Download the attached "TI-ConnectOSFix.exe" at the top right of the webpage.
• Once downloaded [Right Click] the file and choose the option below that corresponds to your operating system below:

Windows® 7 and Windows® Vista:
[Run As Administrator]  
Windows® XP:

• Once the executable has completed you can then open the OS downloader and use it to update your calculator’s operating system to the latest version.

If you have questions about the information listed above please contact TI-Cares for additional assistance.