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Solution 31631: Finding the Values for Physical Constants on the TI-36X Pro.

Constants lets you access scientific constants to paste in various areas of the TI-36X Pro calculator.

Press [2ND] [CONSTANTS] to access, and <- and -> to select either the NAMES or UNITS menus of the same 20 physical constants.

Please Note:
Displayed constant values are rounded. 

The values used for calculations are given in the following table:

Built- In Constant Constant Value used for calculations
c speed of light 299792458 meters per second
g gravitational acceleration 9.80665 meters per second2
h Planck's constant 6.62606896×10-34 Joule seconds
NA Avogadro's number 6.02214179×1023 molecules per mole
R ideal gas constant 8.314472 Joules per mole per Kelvin
me electron mass 9.109381215×10-31 kilograms
mp proton mass 1.672621637×10-27 kilograms
mn neutron mass 1.674927211×10-27 kilograms
mm muon mass 1.88353130×10-28 kilograms
G universal gravitation 6.67428×10-11 meters3 per kilogram per seconds2
F Faraday constant 96485.3399 Coulombs per mole
a0 Bohr radius 5.2917720859×10-11 meters
re classical electron radius 2.8179402894×10-15 meters
k Boltzmann constant 1.3806504×10-23 Joules per Kelvin
e electron charge 1.602176487×10-19 Coulombs
u atomic mass unit 1.660538782×10-27 kilograms
atm standard atmosphere 101325 Pascals
H0 permittivity of vacuum 8.854187817620×10-12 Farads per meter
m0 permeability of vacuum 1.256637061436×10-6 Newtons per ampere2
Cc Coulomb's constant 8.987551787368×109 meters per Farad

Please see the TI-36X Pro guidebook for additional information.