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Solution 29611: Locating the Preloaded Images For the TI-Nspire™ Family Software and the TI-Nspire Family Navigator™ Software.

How can I locate the preloaded images that come with TI-Nspire Navigator or TI-Nspire teacher software?

The latest software versions of TI-Nspire family teacher software and TI-Nspire Navigator teacher software installs some preloaded images. When the software is launched for the first time a dialogue box will appear indicating where the default folder will be located. This folder will contain the images.

By default below are the locations where these images are stored on both Windows® and Macintosh®:

• Windows - C:\Documents and Settings\USER NAME\My Documents\ TI-Nspire\Images.
• Macintosh - Hard Drive\ Documents\TI-Nspire\ Images.

If unable to locate images on the computer, please download them from the attachment provided.