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Solution 27410: Obtaining Texas Instruments Family Software Diagnostics Files.

How do I obtain Texas Instruments Family Software diagnostics files?

Please follow the steps below to obtain Texas Instruments Family Software diagnostics files:

Please Note: The steps below only apply to the TI-Nspire™ Family Software, TI-SmartView CE Emulator Software and TI-Smartview for the TI-84 Plus Family.

Windows® Only: 

To collect diagnostic files follow the path below:

1) Start >> All Programs >> TI Tools >> [Name of Software] >> TI-Diagnostics

Alternatively you can use search to launch the program by following the steps below:

1) Click [Start] type into search:


2) After TI-Diagnostics appears in the search list [Double Click] it to launch the software. 

From within the software:

1) With older versions of the software you can open the software and click on [Help] followed by [Run Diagnostics].

Macintosh® Only:

1) Click [Finder] then open [Applications].

2) Click on TI-Diagnostics.

Once TI-Diagnotics is open using a method above follow the steps below to collect the logs:

1) Click [Start], or if multiple Texas Instruments software is installed select the name of the appropriate software first then click [Start].

2) Wait for all categories to show as having Passed or Failed.
3) A Save As window will appear, select where to save the file and click save.

4) Find the zip file saved and contact Texas Instruments Support.