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Solution 25670: Installing and Inserting Key Fonts onto a Macintosh® OS X Computer.

How do I install the Key Fonts onto my Macintosh® OS X computer to use them in documents?

In order to install Key Fonts onto a Macintosh® OS X computer, please follow the instructions below. Click here to access all of the calculator Key Fonts.

• Download the desired Key Fonts file to the computer's desktop or a folder on the computer. If the file is downloaded to a folder on the computer, take note of the location of the folder.

• Open the "Font Book" application by going to Macintosh Hard Drive(HD) > Applications > Font Book.

• From the Font Book application, click on the "File" menu and select "Add Font".

• Navigate to where the Key Font file was downloaded (desktop or folder on computer), click on the Key Font file to select it and then click the "Open" button. This will install the Key Font file into the Font Book application.

With the Key Font file now installed, to use the Key Font in a user-created document:

• Go to Macintosh Hard Drive(HD) > Applications > Text Edit. This will open the "Text Edit" application.

• With the Text Edit application open, to insert the Key Font into this newly created document, click on the "Edit" menu and select "Special Characters".

• From the Special Characters window, check and make sure the "View" option is set to "Glyph". If it is not, click on View and select Glyph.

• Next, click on the "Font" option and select the Key Font file that was installed.

• All the symbols for the Key Font file will be displayed. To insert a Key Font symbol into a document, simply double-click on the picture (glyph) of the symbol.