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Solution 16289: Using a TI-SmartView™ for the TI-84 Plus Family Software Script to Store a Calculator Program.

How can I use the TI-SmartView for the TI-84 Plus family software script to store a calculator program?

A script cannot execute sophisticated commands included in a program on the calculator. Programs written on the calculator can be quite sophisticated. For example, it can prompt the user to enter data and can contain programming logic that makes decisions based on the result of a calculation.

Calculator programs are saved as part of the emulator state, which is saved automatically when the emulator is closed or when the command File► Save Emulator State is used. However, the emulator cannot save a program as a separate file so it can be recovered later if it is deleted from the emulator.

To store a calculator program separately, use a script.

• Be ready to create a new program.
• Start recording a new script. Then, on the calculator, create the new program and enter all the commands that make up its contents.
• Stop recording the script. The script now contains all the key presses necessary to recreate that program.
• If the program is deleted from the calculator, to reuse it later, open the script and play it. The program is now loaded on the calculator.
• Use the PRGM key on the calculator to run the program. Or just create a separate script that runs the program.

Note: In some cases it may be easier to create a single script that creates the program and run it. The process of creating a program can take a while. Also, if the program has to run multiple times, it is much faster to create the program with one script instead of playing a script and waiting for it to create the program.

Please see the TI-SmartView for the TI-84 Plus Family guidebook for additional information.