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Solution 16049: Dragging and Dropping an Image to Another Application Using TI-SmartView™.

Can I drag and drop an image to another application using TI-SmartView?

Users can drag and drop any TI-SmartView screen image to paste it into another application. These images include the following:

• Saved or unsaved screen capture images

• View3™ pane screens

• The Large Screen image

Note: In the Screen Capture window, the selected image has a red border. However, the borders on the Large Screen image and the View3 screens do not change color when selected.

To drag and drop a screen image into another application:

1. Adjust the sizes of the windows of the two applications so that both of them fit on the computer screen.

2. To drag-and-drop the image:

a. Click the screen image to select

b. Drag the screen image from TI-SmartView and then drop it into the other application.

Please see the TI-SmartView guidebook for additional information.