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Solution 16029: Using the Alpha Typing Mode for A Through Z and Other Characters Using TI SmartView™ for the TI-84 Plus Family Software.

How do I use the alpha typing mode and other characters using TI-SmartView for the TI-84 Plus family software?

When users use the [ALPHA] key, the keyboard switches automatically to its alpha typing mode, where pressing [A] gives A, not the [MATH] key.

 To enable alpha typing mode:

1) Click [ALPHA] or press [F7].
2) The cursor changes to [A].
3) Press the applicable key.

Keys without an associated alpha character act the same as they do in the normal shortcut mode. For example: [F1] is still a shortcut to [Y=].

After typing the alpha character, the keyboard returns to its normal shortcut mode.

To lock the alpha key so users can type multiple alpha characters:

1) Click [2nd] [A-LOCK] or press [F6] [F7].
2) To unlock the alpha key, click [ALPHA] or press [F7].
3) In alpha typing mode, [0] through [9] act the same as 0 through 9 on the calculator.
4) Pressing [1] types Y (the alpha character for 1), not 1.
5) To type a number, be sure the keyboard is not in the alpha typing mode.

For example, to type TEST1 follow one of the following steps:

1) Press [F7] [T] [F7] [E] [F7] [S] [F7] [T] [1].
2) Press [F6] [F7] [T] [E] [S] [T] [F7] [1].

When prompted to enter a name for a program or group, the calculator locks the alpha key automatically.

Alpha characters are used to enter text characters only. Users cannot use alpha characters to enter function names. For example, typing COS or FMIN does not calculate that function. Users must press the appropriate function key or select the function from a menu.

Please see the TI-SmartView for the TI-84 Plus family software guidebook for additional information.