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Solution 14981: Choosing a Document Format When Using the TI NoteFolio™ Creator Software.

How do I choose a document format when using the TI NoteFolio creator software?

A document (or folio) is a file that contains one or more notes. Notefolio Creator software saves a document as an application variable (AppVar) that can be sent to a TI calculator or classroom network.

Please Note: Documents viewed on the TI-83 Plus Family/TI-84 Plus Family devices are limited to one note per document with a maximum document size of 20K. Documents viewed on the other TI calculators can have more than one note per document and the maximum document size is 64K.

The formats listed below are compatible to TI calculators. Documents need to be saved in one of these formats. The .txt and .rtf formats are compatible with all TI calculators; other formats are compatible with only one type of TI handheld device:

.doc Microsoft® Word document
.rtf Rich text format
.txt text format
.8xv TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus Families
.89y TI-89 Family
.9xy TI-92 Plus
.v2y Voyage™ 200

To choose a format style when you are ready to save the file:

1) Click on either File or the diskette icon. You may also press CTRL + S.
2) If you clicked File, then either chose Save or Save as.
3) A Save Notefolio files window will appear.
4) Go to the Save as type option and you will be allowed to select the format.

In addition, the NoteFolio Creator saves notes as Unicode text that is compatible with any text format. It supports basic text formatting (tabs and spaces) but does not support advanced formatting (bold, italic, and underline), graphics, or audio-video files.

Because of differences in device platforms, some special characters do not translate or convert correctly. For best results when sending a document to a device, TI recommends using the TI Uni font that comes with the NoteFolio Creator software.

Please Note: Users cannot drag a file created by the Text Editor on the TI-89/TI-92 Plus/Voyage 200 to the NoteFolio Creator main window. (Text Editor files use the extensions *.89t, *.92t, and *.v2t for the TI-89 Family, TI-92 Plus, and Voyage 200 PLT, which are different from the NoteFolio file extensions).

Please see the TI NoteFolio Creator guidebook for additional information.