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Solution 14980: Merging and Splitting Notes Using the NoteFolio™ Creator Software.

Can I merge or split a single note using the NoteFolio Creator software?

Users can split a single note into two notes and combine two or more notes into one note in a document created for the TI-89 Family/TI-92 Plus/Voyage 200 graphing calculators.

Note: Documents created for the TI-83 Plus Family/TI-84 Plus Family calculators cannot contain more than one note, so the Merge Notes and Split Note option is not available.

To split a note:

• Highlight the part of the note to be split into another note.
• Click Edit>>Split Note.
• The text selected is removed from the note and put into a new note.

To merge notes:

• Click the notes to be merged.
• Click Edit>>Merge Notes.
• In the Merge Notes dialog box, click the other note(s) to be merged and then click Merge.
• The notes selected are merged into one note.

Note: There is no Undo option for merging or splitting a note.

For additional information regarding the NoteFolio Creator software, open the software and press the [F1] key on the computer keyboard or click on the Help menu and select TI NoteFolio Creator Help.