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Solution 14881: Converting a CellSheet™ App AppVar Into a Microsoft® Excel Spreadsheet.

How can I convert a CellSheet appvar into a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet?

To convert a CellSheet appvar into a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet:

• Start the TI CellSheet Converter software.
• Click File >> Add >> From Device.

From here, the TI DeviceExplorer should display the contents of the connected TI device.

• In TI DeviceExplorer, drag a CellSheet appvar from the device and drop it on the TI CellSheet Converter software.

The TI CellSheet Converter software copies the device file to a temporary directory on the computer and displays the path for the converted file. The device file is selected for conversion by default, that is, it has a checkmark beside the path and file name.

• Close TI DeviceExplorer.


Please see the CellSheet Converter guidebook for additional information.