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Solution 14849: Using a TI-84 Plus Family Calculator to Control TI-SmartView™ Emulator Software.

How can I control the TI-SmartView emulator software using my calculator?

To control TI-SmartView using a TI-84 Plus family calculator, operating system 2.40 or above and the SmartPad™ App must be installed on the calculator.

Please Note: The TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition does not have a TI-SmartPad App so it cannot be used to control the TI-SmartView emulator software.  The TI-84 Plus Silver Editon or TI-84 Plus with the TI-SmartPad App can however control the TI-SmartView 4.0 emulator while in TI-84 C Silver Edition Emulator Mode. If using TI-Smartview CE emulator software you will need to download the TI-84 Plus CE SmartPad™ CE App.

1) Start TI-SmartView and connect the calculator to the computer using the Standard-A to Mini-B USB cable that comes with TI-84 Plus family calculators. Other TI Connectivity cables are not supported. 
2) On the calculator, press [APPS] and run the SmartPad App. (The application will not run if the calculator is not connected.) The calculator will show the title screen as long as SmartPad is running. All key presses and results appear on the computer only.
3) Press keys on the connected calculator to control TI-SmartView.
4) When finished, press [2ND] [OFF] on the calculator or disconnect the USB cable.

Please Note: All Applications, Programs and Variables on the calculator do not automatically transfer to the TI-SmartView software. Additionally any Applications, Programs and Variables on the TI-SmartView software will not automatically transfer to the connected handheld.

Additional Note:  It is not possible to have the TI-SmartView Emulator screen appear simultaneously on the connected TI-84 Plus Family handheld device.

If you have questions about the information listed above please contact TI-Cares for additional assistance.