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Solution 14400: Exporting a Note From a Document Using the TI NoteFolio™ Creator Software.

How do I export a note from a document using TI NoteFolio Creator software?

Users can export a copy of a single note from one document to another using the TI NoteFolio Creator software. However, the document that is being exporting from must have two or more notes. That is, if there is only one note in the document, users cannot export that note and leave the document empty.

To export a note to a different document:

• Open the document from where the note will be exported.
• Click in the note to be exported.
• Click File > Export Current Note.
• The Export Current Note dialog box opens.
• In the File name box, enter a name for the new document.
• In the Save as type box, select the document type or device type for the new document.
• Click Save.

The message Text Exported Successfully will appear. A copy of the note is exported to the new document, and the original note remains in the current document.

Please see the TI NoteFolio Creator guidebook for additional information.