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Solution 11512: Transferring Programs and Calculator Software Applications (Apps) using TI Connect™ Software for a Macintosh® computer.

How are Programs and Calculator Software Applications (Apps) transferred using TI Connect software for a Macintosh® computer?

Programs and Calculator Software Applications (Apps) can be transferred to a TI calculator using the TI Connect software.

Note: Do not attempt to install an application if a low-battery message appears on the TI calculator.

• Download the Program or the Application, and save it to a folder on the computer.
Remember the location of the saved file.
• Connect a TI Connectivity cable to the computer and the TI calculator. The cables that can be used are the TI Connectivity Cable serial for Windows®/Mac®, and the TI Connectivity Cable USB for Windows®/Mac®.
• Turn on the TI calculator and make sure it is on the home screen.
• Start the TI Connect software on the computer.
• Open the TI DeviceExplorer, and select the TI calculator being used from the 'Select TI Device' window.
• Select the port to which the TI Connectivity Cable is connected, and click Connect.
• If any errors occur, follow the instructions on the resulting screen.
• If the connection is successful, a window, which lists the contents of the TI calculator is displayed.
• Select the Program or Application to send to the TI calculator.
• Drag the selected files to the TI DeviceExplorer window.
• The transfer should start.